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Pave's gameplay for Patapon (PSP)

Pave played Patapon

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Pave said...
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So I finally got my hands on Patapon. Oddly enough Patapon was made into Essential-tittle, which cost less than euros. But the original Patapon cost 20 euros.

No matter, this game still worth the money, at least so far.

For a rythm-game, this is rather punishing, because messing with the tempo might cost the lives of several Patapon hunters in your army.

So far I got my first miracle and I have grosses the desert area. Now I just have redo the hunting missions to buff up my soldiers and then advance to beat up the desert/sand worm.

Patapon (PSP)

Genre/Style: Action/2D Action
Release Date: 26/FEB/08
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