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Pave played Patapon 2

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3,5-hour mark passed.

Well, Pave the allmighty has returned to helps his loyal Patapons. Only now he's being called more as Great Patapon by the other tribes than just allmighty. Weird...

I can freely say that data transfer was really worth, even though I wasn't able to transfer my equipments or previous army (they sank with the ship after all). But hey, why need equipments or previous army when you have a large surpluss of materials? =D

I started playing in Normal-mode right away. And so far it feels right away like the previous game, with some really neat improvements. For example, the Fever-mode won't go away: You first get a warning, and then it goes away. Of course if you mess up totally, the Fever-mode goes away instantly.

Hero Patapon was a little confusing at first, but soon I realized that this unit is basically your army in one body, which is able mimic your other army members and any other unlocked Rarepons. Fun times crafting the most suited Hero for myself (He's named Mati, by the way).

So far I have faced Gorr once again, who has resurrected. Even though he wasn't all that bad this (considering I conqured my previous island back and punched Queen Kharma into her face, AND killed him in revious fight, I though he would more angry).

Next time: Are my loyal Patapons able to advance half-way the island while the people of Karmen as fighting back fiercely? We shall see.
Patapon 2

Patapon 2 (PSP)

Release Date: 05/MAY/09
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