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Pave's gameplay for Breath of Fire III

Pave played Breath of Fire III

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Time passed: 9:54 + an hour of playing Fishing minigame

Ah yes, one of good extras of PSP-version: The Fishing minigame that opens more items to gallery-mode. Only problem is that you actually have to beat every stage twice: Once in silver star-rank and other gold one. I noticed that if you o straight to gold one, you won't unlock the silver-prize. A little annoying "bug"/emulation mistake, but I can live with it, since I faced far more worse "Capcom Arcade coding" than this.

Our adventure continues, as Ryu has started his adventure to find his first friends Rei and Teepo. He's not even able pass the mountain we were passing when get face one of the Unicorn Bros who beat the heck out of us. Fortunately it's just Sunder, the weaker and dummier one compared to his brother, but unfortunately Sunder appears soon and Ryu gets stabbed in to his back. Fortunately the dragon powers are once tingling and he is able to survive (hmm, quitte familiar sigh), though he gets instantly capture by the bros since they decide to make money out this dragon wonder.

We now arrive to Castle of Wyndia, where Royal family is about to see the terrifying wonder known as Dragon. Unfortunately to bros/fortunately to Ryu this event goes totally wrong because Ryu has gained his consciousness and transformed back to his Human-form. U-bros (sortened from Unicorn "Douche" Bros) are very angry about this and they get thrown to the jail. Unfortunately Ryu is thrown there too.

Let's make the rest thing into a little synopsis: Nina arrives to dungeon with a master key; is fooled by U-bros to release them instead of first and only Ryu; Ryu breaks the total belief of him being "silent protagonist" (he actually screams to guards, cries and all that. Something totally different to me); Ryu gets beaten up by the U-bros again while trying to same Nina (and we gain our first Accension/Dragon Morph-skill: "Flame", which turns him into a tiny Red Dragon Whelp); Nina is good at hiding so U-bros leave with nothing; Nina and Ryu team up to find Rei and Teepo; Nina and Ryu get kidnapped by U-bros AGAIN outside Wyndia; They're caried to "Desert Arena" which name I cannot remember now; they escape once again in front of Garr and Drunken "Armadillo" (I remember this race had a better name in BoH 2); they RUN TO THE HIIIIIIIIILS; and then they RUUUUN FOR THEIR LIIIIIVEEEEES (and we gain another Dragon-gene: "Defence", which makes Ryu a "Teen" Dragon when Spliced with "Flame"-gene;and now I must in a little more detailed way now for awhile.

Okay we have arrived to "Tower", which is full of monster and all other Crysm-thingamajiks. Get to meet Momo, one of the really important characters plot wise, since her father was some sort of "Best Chrysm Engineeer Guy Ever Lived". Two things I noticed a moment later that I hadn't realized while watching screen shots from the old gaming magazines:
1. She's a anthropomorphic rabit. This is something I only noticed during battle scenes, since I finally noticed her bunny-ears. And then there's her nose in avatar-picture. One plus point for conseling this appereance quite well, Capcom.
2. Now this something I laughed a lot...
Her "Spyglass", is not a telescope. It's a FREAKING CRYSM BAZOOKA!!! Holy heck, this fact made this character even more awesome! And she does a lot of damage, if she hits that is.

Now after this great meeting with awesome scholar, she joins the party to help Ryu and Nina to reach Wyndia. But another group of bounty hunters/bad guys are close by, so we must escape the tower without using the entrance. How do we escape then? By using a MAN CARRYING RUSSIAN MOON ROCKET!!! I dunno...but at least they escaped with not much of damage.
We also noticed that Momo's father seemed to a "safe busy rabbit", heh heh.

So what we are up to next then? Why of course we are up fighting killer vegetables...
This game getting more and more awesome day by day. =3

Until next then, this is Pave continueing to save villages and universes like a everyday super village lunatic.
Stay tuned.
Breath of Fire III

Breath of Fire III

Release Date: 10/FEB/06
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