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Pave's gameplay for Breath of Fire III

Pave played Breath of Fire III

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So, after 12-years ever since I first time read about BoF III on local Super Power Magazine, I've been finally able to play this game. Well, I do have bought on Playstation too, but I have also bought it for 10 euros as a PSP Essential tittle, which is cool thing in my opinion.

Anyway, where to begin with...
After 5,5 hours, I have awoken as a dragon whelp; wreck a havoc in mining area all because miners wanted to kill me and a breath fire even though I said "NOOOOOOOO"; got captured; escaped and transformed into tiny boy with horibble sprite hair; trying to steal food from pther pople (and failing utterly); beating a huge mother known as chimera monkey thingamajik; being praised by villagers; getting hated by villagers again since our group tried to pull out "Robin Hood" while also beating evil spirits of evil major family; got our tree house burned because of evil monster mafia (and be also got pretty beaten up by thai/kick-boxing lightning spamming horses); and now I'm off to find my two mischiefious friend while passing a huge mountain.

And all this has been awesome!

Actually, this game is even more better than I expected to be. The sprite animation work all ready is amanzingly deatiled and there lots of the animation out there. It's almost like a Super Nintendo-game with 3D engine added.

Story itself so far many could call it generic. But as with Skies o Arcadia (Legends), it's a very good change too some more stimulating stories than seeing most the time those sad and melancholic stories.

The battle presentation is a lot similiar to Chrono Trigger, which was a huge positive surprise to me. Sure, the battles are rather simple at first. But as far I know, the battles get much, much more interesting when progress. Of, I also have to mentione that the battles are very animated too comparing to older Final Fantasy-games. And the voice overs are just really good in my opinion.

Of yeah, and fishing is fun. Reminds me a lot of those old electronic fishing handheld-games I used own when I was a kid.

And this is all for know. I shall return once I finish my next sessioon of playing this game.
Breath of Fire III

Breath of Fire III

Release Date: 10/FEB/06
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